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2/8/20-  8th Democratic Debate highlights, Andrew Yangs the entire audience in New Hampshire at McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club! - https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/yang-debates-and-events


2/6/20-  Town Halls page - CNN Town Hall- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/town-hall

The Data (slideshow)- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/the-data


2/1/20- "Longer Than Longshot" Ad - On the front page and in https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/

"Dave Chappelle wants you to Caucaus for Andrew Yang on Feb. 3" https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/andrew-yang-ads

1/31/20- Yang 2020 Updated celebrity endorsements, Dave Chappelle endorses Yang!, Amber Ruffin Sings Anita Baker Tribute to Andrew Yang "Sweet Yang"- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/influencers-and-celeb-endorsements

1/27/20- "Our Kids" Ad - On the front page and in https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/

VFA Alumn James Fayal - I Support Andrew Yang- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/andrew-yang-ads


1/24/20- "Right Now" Ad - On the front page and in https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/andrew-yang-ads


1/23/20- Scott Santen's Unique Thoughts on UBI!- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/ubi-other-videos

1/22/20- UBI Calculator (Find out how much your household income will increase with a Universal Basic Income)- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/ubi-calculator

Ads- ("Case" and "A Difference")- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/andrew-yang-ads


"Case"- https://www.whoisandrewyang.com/iowa-for-yang



Celeb and Influencer updates:

1. Comedian Dave Chapelle is Yang Gang!

2. SNL Comedian Norm McDonald Hacks Yang's Twitter account during the debates!

3. Ronny Chieng Live Instagram with Andrew.

4. Adam Carolla supports Andrew (podcast from 5/12/2019)

5. Donald Glover Pop-up Event with The No Jumper Crew