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Scaffolding in NYC- Put and end to perennial scaffolding over city sidewalks

Let’s be real: scaffolding has been a major issue in our City.

Some scaffolding and sidewalk sheds have been up for years - if not decades - blocking out natural sunlight to tenants and creating a safety risk for all.

New Yorkers have waited far too long for solutions. And it’s time to hold those who have left scaffolding up for far too long accountable.

Under current law, building owners have zero incentive to make the necessary repairs to prevent debris from hitting pedestrians.

But this is more than just a safety issue. When scaffolding goes up, small businesses see a measurable drop in revenue, rats and trash accumulate by a magnitude, and they attract criminal activity.

Now more than ever, as we look to rebound from COVID-19, we need to bring our small businesses back, making it easier to drum up business, and put an end to the literal blockade between small businesses and pedestrians.